Employment: Detaching from the usual 9-5

Online professionals are now on demand as people have somehow embraced the idea of working remotely from home. Plus, employers do not need to workers on permanent positions within their organizations. There are a lot of opportunity to work. The tricky part is how to begin and how you can get in.


If you want to start working on online jobs from home (or from a remote spot), I can tell you that it is very easy and simple to start with. There is work that gives you $3-$15/hour, depending on your expertise. There are even some people who are making more than that!

You can find lots of data entry jobs (the most common type of work available) online, yet BE WARNED! Always be careful when you apply. There are lots of scam websites who offer work Data entry work — but all they do is collect users’ information for online marketing or worse — ask for money. REMINDER: Never ever pay anything (I mean anything!) for applying any for any job online

 There are a lot of online work sites to check. The most common ones are upwork.com (formerly known as oDesk) and freelancer.com, to name a few.

The process is very straightforward — create an account, set up your online profile and VOILA, You are good to go! Once you’ve done these two things, you can go ahead and search for jobs and apply.


It is time to avoid the rush hour. You know what to do.


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