Monday Mindfart.

Postmodernity (or modern virtuality), is what we have now and are experiencing — a marked cultural shift on a global scale. is continuing to happen in the past 20 years. In this particular moment of time, we have been blessed (and cursed) with increase in information access and massive technological progress. Tied up with this so-called phenomena, Global westernization and influence is very evident. Even as we see a major movement of western influence, the widespread cultural change is ironically not one-directional. The most evident symptom of this cultural movement experienced in everyone’s embrace of virtual technology – rampant use of digital media on various platforms — smartphones, digital (video) cameras, the internet, etc. The existence of all these around us, has changed the perspective and life of (almost) everyone, making it a very important factor in the changes and evolution of reaction all around us.


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The utilization of social media in our society is so felt, resulting in highly increased media interactivity and fondness of digital media. While technology and vast information availability is upon us, it still does not indicate an increased specialization and valuable use in most countries. While the smartphone allows for faster communication and interconnectedness, it also has the ugly effects of depersonalization and indifference. The more connected we are online, lesser is the physical and “actual” interactions seem to happen. Faces glued to their smartphones and tablets, that is what you see nowadays.

I can go on and on with this topic, as it hugely affects a lot of aspects in our everyday existence in society. At this point, I would rather hear your views on anything related to this.

Have we hit a tipping point of too much #socialmedia?

The floor is yours….


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