He said, She said EP1: Food Frenzy

Woman making food choice
Image by © FBP/Tetra Images/Corbis

Shane: So what are we gonna have for dinner on Saturday? Any suggestions?

Megan: I dunno, Can you just decide or anybody have any suggestions?

Martha: Here we go again with the eternal challenge of deciding what and where to eat. Gaaah!

Seth: It’s all good wherever it will be. Or we can just eat somewhere.

Megan: Eh, fastfood… again?!

Shane: I want something different. Can we just cook?

Martha: Who WILL cook? It’s tiring to even go to the market!


Megan: The problem here is that because people tend to spend more on fast food and comfort, they see fresh markets and small business as a hassle. It is not about eating there or not, it is about buying power.

Martha: I’m pretty sure people have the moolah to buy good food (or ingredients to prepare good food).

Megan: WHATEVER! The reason we don’t see bazaars and fresh market stalls, or even small businesses thriving anymore is because people don’t buy there as much. Worst is, a lot of people are not even showing enough interest! It is the utter lack of people doing the right thing, everyone wants to just point fingers from the comforts of their couch, while holding on to a burger in one hand and remote on the other.

Seth: Fast food is everywhere. People are lured to fast food chains because food is served in a few blinks and oh boy, it looks pleasing to the human eye. The funny thing is, we know that it’s not a healthy option. But we still keep eating anyway. The truth is, we can’t tell those fast food giants to close down their business just because whatever they sell is not healthy. It just doesn’t work that way. If we are truly concerned about this issue, what can we do? How can we divert people’s attention from fast food to healthy food?

Shane: Ahhh, checking my newsfeed…. (Just tinkering with the phone)

Megan: People don’t realize that fast food in the end is more expensive, because of what it does to you, due to the medical cost that creep up on you. People don’t cook at home anymore, and instant foods is not cooking. People are not in touch with their bodies as well, whatever the fuck they see on television or Facebook, despite their own appearance, they want to be like what they see. And in this whole nonsense, we forgot what we lost.

Seth: People are aware about the dangers of constantly eating fast food. It’s not that we are not informed. However, many of us are just too lazy to cook our own food and we immediately resort to fast food whenever we get the chance. Or even if we do cook at home, but the moment we are out somewhere and see fast food, we buy and eat them in a heartbeat. We are so used to this habit that it can be extremely difficult for some to overcome.

Remember the phrase, “If you can’t beat them, join them”? How about starting a food shop where you only sell healthy items. Yes, you may say, “Aren’t people doing that already?” Right. Many are actually doing this. However, they have one problem. Price. They are just not affordable. The healthier the food, the more expensive it is. Most of these so-called healthy shops sell food and drinks that cost Php150 and above. Ridiculous! How can a student afford that? How can an employee, who is only receiving minimum wage, afford that? We have to break the barrier. We need to offer something that’s within everyone’s budget.

Megan: Let’s face it. — Because after all, it is everyone’s fault.

Seth: So why not sell something that’s affordable and good for the tummy? Why not make it delicious too? We need to break the idea that healthy food isn’t tasty at all. Aside from that, the food should “look” tempting as well. If it looks dull, many will surely ignore it. And how about making the place appealing? Just like a fast food chain! Make it look like it’s a good hangout place, not only for young ones, but for everyone. Healthy, affordable, and delicious. These are three key factors that will can make this happen.

Shane: TOO SERIOUS! (Stands up… leaves room.)

Martha: Geez, all this talk is making me hungry. Fast food it is —- right?



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