He said, She said EP3: That’s Entertainment?!

Ooooh, Shane and Seth are out. Chit-chat chismis time!

Martha: Philippine entertainment sure has a very long, colorful, and curious history.

Megan: Sure, sure. But looking at things and how they are now, people are too fascinated by the West and seem to forget their own culture.
kailangan_temptationBut then on the other hand, we wouldn’t get to watch all this kinky movies like “The Other Woman”, “The Mistress”, “My Other Wife”, blah blah blah. This country is fond of “keeping” and talking about mistresses, although I am not sure how that plays along with its so-called religious views. Ironically, the culture appears religious and follows it by heart – that is, on paper. Because amongst my travels, this is the only country with the most single women. Colorful indeed, I say, since most Filipinos are a great mix of different nationalities. And what always takes me by surprise is how every freaking American Idol singer somehow is part Filipino or how most of the Miss Universe winners always turn out to be somehow half or part Filipino.

Martha:  Haha! You sure have something to say on what is happening in the foray of entertainment huh. Some points are true in certain aspects. And yes, most of the country do not shy away from the usual FILIPINO PRIDE statements. Well, it is not a well kept secret that a lot of us have a “fondness” or a need to be part of something big, something people see on TV or social media. Even other nationalities have that. We somehow never fail to be up front once certain “events” happen.

Megan: Come on Martha, didn’t you know that Filipinos are famous for two things around the world? SINGING AND BAD POLITICS. And ironically, they both are the most entertaining parts of any country, and Philippines has plenty of that. But on the bright side, it’s also the only country where people can be killed over karaoke, especially when the song “MY WAY” pops up. That sure is one easy way to get rid of someone you don’t like, like the mistress. Here take the mic. Hahahahaha!

Martha:  Well, your points probably are (sadly) true. Local news and weekly showbiz magazine show even feed on this type of stories. CASE IN POINT: KRIS AQUINO. She is one who has been a centerpiece of a multitude of scandals and stories for years now. From her 2003 tell-all tale of abuse, coupled with the drama of a 9mm gun poked on her head. To top it all, a nasty sexually transmitted disease (STD) from her former lover and ex-politician/actor BF. All news and media fed on it. Years later, she once again got involved in other scandals. And as many care for gossip, she became breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and appetizer for almost everyone.

Megan: Wow, that lady has an appetite, I tell you! One bad relationship after another, dare I say she loves pain. However I would also like to say that the women of the Philippines are truly unique. They work hard, more than most man, provide for the whole family, and somehow manage to look good while doing that. Somehow, the best thing in this country is having a “sugar mama”. Majority of Filipino men are still boys even into their late 50s. Oh wait a sec. I am a woman too. That means no “sugar daddy”. What the heck! I’d rather go for a foreigner who will provide for me and I can be a “womanly” woman. But my heart belongs here, no matter what others say. Home is HOME, bitter or not. That’s why I love ampalaya (bitter gourd).

I have decided that you are right Martha. No matter what the colors are, they do shine through. No matter how ugly it gets. All this drama is part of what makes this country fun and entertaining after all.

Martha:  Hahaha! That was a mouthful. You are really that affected, huh?!

…click, click, click


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