Today I Had An Experience

It was so significant that it was barely noticeable
It was so great that it held no value
It was so unique that everyone forgot about it

As I stood there, a cold breeze gently touched my face
Like a bee on the flower it lands on
Like a soft beloved touch of a woman
Like the scent of a thousand roses

The sun shone down on me almost blinding
Like a diamond shimmering in its beauty
Like cold water hitting your eyes
Causing a refreshing sensation
Yet burning them at the same time

There I stood
Trying to grasp the beauty of the sky
With each heartbeat
The sensation grew even more
With each gentle breeze
I lost myself into that awe-inspiring beauty

Suddenly old memories started to shower me with emotions
Like when I looked at a puffy cloud
Reminding me how I have been there
Flying into it
Trying to grasp it with my finger but only to get wet
I was reminded
How tiny I must look from up there

For some reason I started to mumble
Not realizing it
It was phrases from the Japji Sahib
The Sikh holy prayer

“Think of all you can, even a thousand times, you will not understand”
“Speak of all you can, even a thousand ways, you will not be able to explain”
“Eat as much as you can, even if you’re full, you will not be satisfied”
“Try to outsmart everyone, even with a thousand tricks, none will go with you”
“How can we become truthful and can be truly free”
“All you can do is to accept the truth”
“That in the end, you will become one with eternity”


credits to: Firozart


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