Taking It All In

As I stood there, I felt my heartbeat with every thunder
Looking into the distance, my mind blown by the sight
Feeling wind and water on my skin, my body frozen in place

As I breathe it all in, it is leaving me breathless within
My eyes are lost on the horizon, as I am taking it all in
My senses have gone crazy, as I am losing my mind slowly

As I am left speechless and mindless, yet fully aware
I am amazed, the feelings overwhelming my being
I am lost in time and space, yet here I found my place

I felt a tear, but not on my face
Something deep within me
My soul perhaps…no, what is this?
I cannot fathom
But I know there is something
Something that connects me to everything

I felt the sky intrude my mind
The water splash against my soul
The thunder striking my heart

I was one with all
I was the sky
I was the sea
I was the wind
I was the thunder in the distance
I was me and yet all

I felt another tear drop, and another
With each thunder, my heart begged for more
My soul overflowing with joy, I have never felt before
My mind silent and at peace, I do not understand

A voice rose within me,

“Is there a need to understand? Does water need to understand itself? Does wind need to understand itself? Does the sky need to understand itself?”

“Just be. Just feel. Just exist.”

A deep understanding grew from within…


Picture by Josh Daniel

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