He Said, She Said: Racist Chewbacca

DISCLAIMER:  Before you start reading, we just want everyone to know that we are not racist — Seth just blurts all of these unwarily and innocently — then apologizes after we inform him of what he just said… Or simply, don’t read it if you’re easily offended (;

If you just got here, there’s some more! First part can be read here.

We continue to watch Star Wars EP 7….RChew2Martha: Geez, Chewbacca doesn´t like Finn.
Megan: Perhaps he doesn’t trust him.
Shane: I wonder what skin color Chewbacca has under all that hair?
Seth: Come on guys, of course Chewie is white. Look at how he treats Finn. 


Staring in shock at Seth, no come back would resolve this issue.

Later in the Star Wars EP 7…  RChew

At the scene where Chewbacca was being treated… Martha, Megan and Shane were all just enjoying the movie. Out of nowhere, something out of the blue and totally unexpected…. Seth: SEE, Chewbacca didn´t react to the nurse, so he is white underneath all that hair.


Somehow, thoughts of Star Wars having racist content in it, started to creep in.uhoh5

During the Starkiller Base scene in Star Wars EP 7
Chewbacca seemed to be complaining about being cold, Han solo asked him if he was joking (sort of). Yet not once did he ask Finn if he was cold.
We looked at Seth, this time expecting something nasty once more… And then came a response from a much unexpected source, to our shock, realizing that the star wars “racist” virus was spreading…

Shane: Well, white people turn red or pale depending on the temperature outside, but with Finn, it will be hard for Han Solo to tell if he was cold…. You know!

Our eyes were about to pop out, but looking at Seth, it appeared her eyes were popping out trying to check Finns’ Skin, if it truly stayed the same color.


Smile guys!
Do you like Episode 7?  if not, what is your favorite episode and why? We’d love to read your thoughts by adding comments below!

memes courtesy of: the interwebz


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