He Said, She Said: The Seth Strikes Again

DISCLAIMER:  Before you start reading, we just want everyone to know that we are not racist — Seth just blurts all of these unwarily and innocently — then apologizes after we inform him of what he just said… Or simply, don’t read it if you’re easily offended (;Seeing Don Cheadle on TV…

(For the other encounters with Seth, you can read them here and here.)

Megan: He is a really good Actor. Love his versatility.
Martha: Yep, he is a bit underrated though.

Slowly, as we turned our heads we were struck directly with an unexpected attack of “unaware” racism…. Just as Don Cheadle smiled with a grin of madness

Seth: What class of monkey is it again? Cheadle looks something like that.


Shane sat there, jaw dropping to the floor, just like the rest of us…..It has reached its peak here, God help us.

Happy weekend!
Do you have funny, scary encounters like these? Please share! Place them on the comments below.


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