No Love for the Bottom Feeders

7831443686_ffac64faf4_bYou work hard, you do your best
Colleagues and leadership still do not recognize it
You were excited to work, saying
“They are very professional, they have a very detailed process,”
Almost like a corporation, not like what you do now

It’s something most of us encounter
Good for you, if you have not
“Did you get your pay yet?” Some of us sometimes experience
Delayed pay, yet we get no words of apology or compassion

I guess, sometimes we lose it a bit or more
“So why should we be motivated to keep doing what we do?”
We would ask “the company”
And yet, you will only get vague answers
Such as “It will be all good, we will change our payment process next time”

aaeaaqaaaaaaaamzaaaajdewzdgzzgq1lwqznjctndyyni04yzy1ltc1ythhm2i0mjzhnaOr crazier responses like, ” There has been an assessment on each employee, that is why it took a while for the accounting department to process. The money has been wired last night. Management is extremely thankful for each one’s patience and they are sorry for this delay.”

And yet… We continue.

We have to start swimming up a bit.
Not be the bottom feeders that they think we are.

Are you employed and you feel this way sometimes? How do you deal with it? We’d like to hear from you. Talk to us by posting a comment below.


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